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February 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019

Can I share my toothbrush with my partner?

Yeah sure, of course you can share your toothbrush with your partner…but the real question is, do you want to?

Decay and gum disease is caused by bacteria, it’s as simple as that. Every one of us has a different set and amount of bacteria in the mouth. Some of us have more than others…and some of us have less than others 😊

A few studies have been done over the years showing that the bacteria you first acquire in your mouth are passed on from your Mum, soon after your born and are being nursed. Studies have also been done to show that if one partner in a couple has serious decay and gum disease, the other partner is more likely to have dental problems too.

It doesn’t take a genius though to work out why. Saliva is a method of transmission of bacteria and even the least romantic couples have probably engaged in a kiss and a canoodle or two. As a result, bacteria happily move from one person to another.

Studies have also been shown that toothbrush bristles harbour bacteria even after rinsing them. So as a result, if you use your partner’s brush, you’re sure to get their bacteria in your mouth, especially if done repeatedly.

So, the question remains, should you? Well, no you shouldn’t because you can’t control how well the other person looks after their teeth and gums. You can however, look after your own mouth and keep it in an impeccable condition. Theoretically, if both of you are excellent at keeping your mouths clean, it probably won’t make a great scientifically statistical difference but I’d ask you, how many couples equally look after their gums and teeth in a comprehensive manner? There’s probably one that’s always a bit behind the other, for whatever reason.

This actually brings up a great point though. If you see that your partner isn’t looking after their teeth and mouth as well as they could be i.e. brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and getting to their dentist for there scheduled visits…ring us and book them in with yourself! There’s nothing that quite brings a couple together like going to the dentist together…

If you mention this post when you call our friendly clinic at Enso Dental North Perth, we’ll give your partner a complimentary consultation for the month of February which is so appropriate, because maybe you can get those mouths super clean and fresh for Valentine’s Day!

Always looking out for your oral health,


Enso Dental
Dr. Rahul Reddy


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