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Treatment Options at Enso Dental Practices

Our Services

We take pride in providing your family with a comprehensive range of dental therapies by creating a positive experience for you. Our team of dentists are skilled and experienced in the various fields of Dentistry to meet the treatment needs of patients from all ages. We provide an array of popular services such as:

Dental Cleaning

To ensure that your mouth remains healthy, we recommend a preventive scale and clean every six months; more often for those with a history of gum disease. During these visits, our dentists gently remove calcified plaque and tartar build-up that has accumulated along the teeth and gums. When left behind, these bacterial deposits can cause periodontal (gum) disease – a condition that leads to tooth and bone loss. Fortunately, with preventive care, it’s possible to preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime.

Dental Fillings

Cavities are easy to treat if they are recognised early. Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases to impact children and adults. Fortunately, small cavities require relatively minor treatment to repair – as long as you catch them early. Cavities can develop due to several different factors, including diet and oral hygiene. A diet that is rich in carbohydrates, acids or sugars can increase plaque levels, which in turn impact the strength of tooth enamel. Likewise, failing to thoroughly remove the plaque each day through brushing and flossing can lead to the plaque biofilm etching it’s way through your enamel’s surface – causing a cavity.

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Tooth Extractions

Sometimes teeth need to be pulled (or “extracted”) because they are no longer restorable. This can be due to extensive tooth decay, past trauma or even periodontal disease. Other times, teeth are extracted due to an emergency and the presence of pain. During your extraction, our primary goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible. In addition to numbing the area around your tooth, we also offer convenient sedation dentistry options to help you relax. When you feel at ease, the best results are achieved.

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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal can save your natural tooth and prevent the need to have it pulled. During a root canal, the nerve chamber is accessed and any infected pulp tissue is removed. In most cases, our dentists will see you for two or three different visits to ensure that the infection is completely under control. Once it is, a root canal will seal the nerve chamber off to prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease is an advanced form of gum disease, which can lead to permanent bone and tooth loss. Like gingivitis, symptoms begin with swollen or tender gums and bleeding when you brush or floss. However, our patients have also see a number of additional conditions develop, such as:

  • Receding gumlines
  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Tooth mobility
  • Soreness to pressure from biting or chewing

Invisalign® Braces

Invisalign® braces (also known as invisible braces) are a one-of-a-kind system to straighten your teeth without the need for conventional brackets and wires. Instead, a set of nearly invisible aligners are used to gently guide your teeth into the proper position. Your aligners are changed every two weeks. This ensures that your teeth move predictably and systematically, until your final results are achieved.

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Teeth Whitening

Our teeth naturally accumulate stains over the course of our lifetime. These stains can come from things like coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco and even medication. Brightening your teeth can help boost your confidence and make your smile look younger than it has in years. At Enso Dental, we offer two types of teeth whitening treatments to choose from.

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Our dentists understand that the way your smile looks impacts more than just your appearance—it can also impact your confidence and social life. At Enso Dental, we believe that everyone deserves a smile that he or she can be proud of and we offer a variety of smile makeover options to meet your specific needs and aesthetic concerns.

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Fixed Bridges

If you have one or two missing teeth, a dental bridge may be one of the best ways to replace them. Unlike a removable partial denture, bridges are anchored firmly into place over the adjacent teeth. Having a bridge made can help you preserve smile aesthetics, but it also prevents movement or drifting of the teeth following a dental extraction.

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Dental Crowns

When a tooth is too badly damaged to repair with a filling, a full coverage crown (sometimes called a “cap”) may be necessary. Crowns, unlike fillings, cover the entire surface of a tooth up to your gumlines. Our dentists may recommend a crown if:

  • A large portion of the tooth is broken or decayed
  • You have just had a root canal completed
  • There are aesthetic concerns
  • Excessive grinding/bruxism has worn the tooth down

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Dental Implants

In the past, replacing missing teeth meant wearing a denture or having a bridge made, but not anymore. Dental implants can replace your missing teeth with a more permanent option – one that has the potential to last an entire lifetime. At Enso Dental, our patients can have their entire treatment completed right here in our clinics.

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If you are missing all or several teeth, dentures are an economical way to replace them all at one time. Instead of a fixed bridge or dental implant, dentures are removable prosthesis that can be snapped into place and removed at the end of each day for care and maintenance.

Children's Dentistry

Each child has unique oral health needs that are crucial to the development of their future smile. Thanks to regular care and maintenance, it is possible for your son or daughter to enjoy a healthy smile well into adulthood. At Enso Dental, we have a resident Dental Therapist who specializes in the care of paediatric patients. Our team understands the unique needs of young patients. We strive to help them enjoy a cavity-free smile and aim to make dental visits something that they can look forward to.

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Sleep Dentistry

Our dentists work closely with you to explain each procedure so that you will feel confident about the level of care we provide. For patients who require something more, we have sleep (sedation) options to help you feel relax and put at ease during the treatments. Our dentists understand that a history of uncomfortable experiences or fear of dental work can sometimes get in the way.

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