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Dental Crowns


Customized Restorations - Porcelain Crowns Return Aesthetics and Function

When a tooth is too badly damaged to repair with a filling, a full coverage crown (sometimes called a “cap”) may be necessary. Crowns, unlike fillings, cover the entire surface of a tooth up to your gumlines. Our dentists may recommend a crown if:

  • A large portion of the tooth is broken or decayed
  • You have just had a root canal completed
  • There are aesthetic concerns
  • Excessive grinding/bruxism has worn the tooth down

Your comfort is our priority

Sitting through a crown doesn’t have to be painful, although it might take a longer time than a filling. Your comfort is our first priority at all times. We have a variety of sedation options available to ensure that your treatment is as relaxing as possible.

If you suspect that your tooth may need a crown, Contact us right away to discuss how to save your tooth for years to come.