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Root Canal Treatment


When the inside of your tooth becomes infected, it can cause the nerve to die. Sometimes pain is involved, but other times it isn’t. In fact, you may never know that your tooth is dying unless our dentists take an X-ray to assess the area around the root. At other times, you may experience symptoms such as:

  • Darkening of the tooth’s enamel
  • An abscess near the gums
  • A foul taste coming from the tooth
  • Large cavities or a fracture

A root canal can save your natural tooth and prevent the need to have it pulled. During a root canal, the nerve chamber is accessed and any infected pulp tissue is removed. In most cases, our dentists will see you for two or three different visits to ensure that the infection is completely under control. Once it is, a root canal will seal the nerve chamber off to prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth.

If you feel a bit nervous, that’s ok. Our dentists are happy to address your needs and provide a variety of sedation options to keep you comfortable.

After Your Endodontic Therapy

Following a root canal, we will place a crown over the non-vital tooth. This prevents the brittle enamel from chipping away or wearing down prematurely. Your crown will be carefully matched to the natural colour of your adjacent teeth so that it blends right in.

If you think your tooth may be infected or if you’re experiencing a severe toothache - contact Enso Dental. Same day appointments are often available.