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Sleep Dentistry


Putting Your Mind at Ease

Our dentists work closely with you to explain each procedure so that you will feel confident about the level of care we provide. For patients who require something more, we have sleep (sedation) options to help you feel relax and put at ease during the treatments. Our dentists understand that a history of uncomfortable experiences or fear of dental work can sometimes get in the way.

Relaxing Through Your Dental Care

Sleep (Sedation) dentistry comes in a variety of options, ranging from mild nitrous oxide analgesia to prescription sedatives and IV administered medication. The level of your sedation will depend on specific needs such as:

  • Your medical and dental history
  • The extent of treatment that you need
  • Whether or not you want to “nap” through the entire visit
  • The length of the procedure
  • Tooth sensitivity

For instance, if you are having your wisdom teeth extracted, we may recommend a general anaesthetic with an anaesthesiologist. If you feel a bit jumpy about a scale and clean, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) is typically adequate.

We want your experience with us to be one that changes the way you feel about going to the dentist. If you have put your dental needs off due to previous experiences, contact Enso Dental today. We will help you get the care that you deserve!