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December 13, 2018
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December 21, 2018

What is enso?

Enso is loosely translated to encapsulate the meaning of Zen. What is Zen? Zen is a branch of Buddhism which embodies concepts such as simplicity and balance. Enso is represented by two forms of circles, one which is open allowing in creativity whilst one is closed, which embodies strength and stability.

What does this have to do with your dental visit?

A common concern for many patients is about the stressful nature of dental appointments. People commonly tell us how they are concerned about bad news, or being judged for not attending or not sticking to certain habits i.e. flossing. They feel stressed about having dental work done and feeling pain during or even after the visit.

As a result, in Enso Dental North Perth we’ve paid attention to every aspect of your experience at the dental clinic. We have tried to address all 5 senses i.e. touch, sound, taste, smell and sight to produce a calming experience for you, our valued member of the practice.

From a visually calming and uncluttered environment, to calming smells and sounds, we want you to have a visit to the dentist which is anxiety and stress free…as much as is possible. We want you to be able to go out and tell other people about what a relaxing visit to the dentist you’ve had. We want you to have a unique experience which is provided by people who really genuinely care about whether you have any discomfort during the procedures, which we know aren’t always enjoyable but are necessarily for excellent oral health.

What we really want is to focus on is to produce an environment and experience which addresses all 5 senses so it creates calm and peace, thereby looking after your 6th sense…the feelings or emotions you feel whilst at Enso Dental in North Perth. What we would really like to do is help you find your Enso…


Enso Dental
Dr. Rahul Reddy

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