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August 19, 2018
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August 24, 2018
Are you thinking about teeth whitening?
Today, everywhere you look, “teeth whitening” is the must have cosmetic treatment. Social media has resulted in an explosion of digital media content in the form of pictures and video. More than ever, the importance of having a bright white smile has been on people’s minds.
At Enso Dental North Perth, we’re not just about giving you a paper-white plastic-fantastic smile. We want to give you options to bring out your naturally whitest shade of teeth. Due to staining agents and pigments in the diet such as tannins and caffeine, teeth can yellow over time. There are many other causes of teeth staining and yellowing but that’s just the most common one.
It’s neither vain nor over-the-top to want a white smile. After all, a smile is the second thing people notice after your eyes when they look at you. People who smile a lot have a positive demeanor and people are naturally attracted to people who smile, whether in professional or social circles. As a side note, forcing yourself to smile can improve your mood i.e. the physical act of smiling can change your emotional mood. It’s the same idea that’s behind laughing yoga, which some of you may have heard of.
We’d love to discuss all the options available to you to whiten your smile, so you can flash those pearly whites more than you probably currently do. As stated above, the more you smile, the better you will feel. Another reason how your oral health can be linked to your overall health.
Oh, and if you’re happy with your current shade of your smile, that’s awesome too! We would love you to come in so we can make sure that your teeth are decay free and your gums are gum disease free.
All the best,
Dr. Rahul Reddy
Enso Dental

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